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    What is Ghee?

    In the Ancient Indian Ayurveda traditions, Ghee is often believed to support digestion, anti-inflammation, memory functions.  Afterall, human brains are composed of 60% fat.  

    Our Ghee is made from award-winning European style cultured butter that was churned using cream collected from cows that are grass fed on the green pastures of Northern California.

    Further slow cooking of this premium artisan butter results in our luscious Ghee that is excellent for cooking, sauteing, and baking.  Unlike butter, Ghee has a much higher smoking point that is essential in cooking.

    Ghee vs Butter?

    Ghee is essentially butter with almost all of its protein removed.

    Why Cultured?

    The Ayurveda traditions call for Ghee to be made from cultured butter, as in the case of ours.  If it's not cultured (like many other brands out there), it's not even Ghee!



    A little bit goes a long way.  For example, you can substitute a spoonful of your normal cooking oil with a spoonful of Ghee during the cooking process.

    Net weight: 7oz

    Attributes:  USDA Organic, Grassfed, Pasture raised, Paleo

    Allergen:  Milk


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