Versatility of Use

Pairing Suggestions for Coconut Caramel Sauce:

  • with crackers, either plain or salted
  • with plain yogurt or ice cream
  • drizzle on to waffles or french toast
  • with baked plantains or fried bananas
  • drizzle on sticky rice
  • as a dip for green apples

Coconut Caramel with Pineapple Tarte Tatin*


    *Click here for recipe from Marks & Spencer (Cook with M&S)


    Pairing Suggestions for Coconut Jams:

    • with toast, waffles, pancakes
    • with scones, biscuits, bagels
    • with yogurt, ice cream, and cakes
    • as a dip for pretzels, crackers, and green apples
    • with cheese, such as fromage blanc 




    Mango Coconut Jam with Fried Chicken?  Oh yea...!