Our award winning Coconut Jam, also known as Srikaya in Indonesian, is slow cooked in small batches using high quality natural ingredients.  The primary ingredients are premium coconut milk, cane sugar, and egg yolks.  The result is simply delicious, yet wholesome, as well as dairy and gluten free.

Our Premium Coconut Jam has a silky and smooth texture, with a golden color, which reflects the natural hue of the eggs.   The rich creaminess is achieved by cooking the ingredients according to the traditional technique of making Srikaya.


With the popularity of our Premium Srikaya, we've recently added two additional products.  

Our Mango Coconut Jam, which is made from blending the creamy deliciousness of coconut milk with the fruity aroma of mango, which came from 100% pure mango puree.   Together, they are slow-cooked with cane sugar and eggs.  It's a real delight for those who love both mango and coconut.

Our Coconut Caramel Sauce, is simply irresistible!  It is coconutty with a hint of sea salt and has just the right mouth feel for a caramel sauce.  It's super great on crackers, plain yogurt, and ice cream.  For brunch, drizzle on waffles or french toast.

In staying true to our commitment to quality, we use organic agave syrup and cane sugar for our caramel sauce - no corn syrup.

All of our products are dairy free and gluten free.